Thursday, May 13, 2004

Ever misplace your keys? 

I usually get a transit pass each month that lets me board practically any bus or train in the county for $58. It's called the EZ pass, and believe when I say it makes riding transit much easier. No worries about having fare, or how much the Santa Monica Bus is vs. the Long Beach bus.

Well, I rented a car last weekend so I could visit some of my relatives for Mother's day, so I ended up driving into downtown on Monday morning. Once I returned the car and started walking down the street, I realized that I had left my transit pass at home. For someone who rides transit all the time, that's like leaving your keys at home.

On the commute home, I took some MTA tokens from work for the ride back to Hollywood, but because I'm so used to just getting on the train, I completely forgot to buy a ticket, and rode all the way to Hollywood. Fortunately, there were no officers checking fare on my trip, so I avoided the $250 fine.

When I got home, I forgot all about my pass until I was leaving for work the next morning, when I discovered that I couldn't find it. Late for work, I headed out with a pocketful of change, the feeling of having lost a set of $58 keys preoccupying my mind.

Fortunately, that night after sorting through all my loose papers on my desk, I finally found my pass. Of course, I realized that night as well that I had left my actual keys at work. Well, at least I can get my landlord to open my door.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Okay, okay -- I'm back 

Hello everyone. I apologize for the lack of updates over the last two months. I don’t really have a good excuse for the absence of any new entries, other than that I first started blogging when I started riding transit, and the two new experiences seemed to fit well. But while I've taken to transit rather well, blogging on a regular basis has not been as easy for me to do.

However, since I started this experiment, I've received quite a bit of email indicating that my experiences and observations are of some value to people, and that I should continue to add at minimum a weekly digest of my happenings and thoughts to the blog. So, as a result, I am once again making an attempt to regularly update this journal with my chronicles, compliments and critiques of transit in Los Angeles and the people who ride it, plan and operate it, or simply exist without ever noticing it.

Feel free to send me an email when I fall short of my goal.

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